To all of you, daughters of witches

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To all of you, daughters of witches.

When I think of all these pioneers, these wild women united to the land. All those midwives, herbalists and healers. When I think of all those so-called witches who burned at the stake. Those who, neither married to a man nor married to God, had chosen to live differently, independent, autonomous. A past that may seem so distant to us... yet it seems to me that it was yesterday. 

The witch hunt lasted between 1450 and 1700. It is estimated that a hundred thousand women were killed, condemned to death for lack of conformity; they were witches. These women had knowledge that was intended to be reserved for men; Medicine. Often, the three generations perished under the flames. Oh no that this gene, emancipating women from the male power in place, had to reproduce itself.

Hundreds of thousands of women. Tortured. Burned. Little girls. Grandmothers. Oh no that it was conceivable that this knowledge, passed from woman to woman, would also be good for men!? Did we believe that, like men, women would impose their domination on the world with the claim of being the sole holders of knowledge and wisdom? You have to see clearly; it never was. A quick history lesson will make you understand the nature of female power.

The advent of medicine as we know it today is consistent with this destruction of the wisdom of women. An attack on the extinction of the sacred feminine. Knowledge transmitted from generation to generation, from womb to womb, from woman to woman. This persecution driven by the fear, not but so great, that the power of women is greater and more dangerous than that of men. So threatening to the patriarchy. 

As can be read in The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism of Ami Ronnberg, the witch “[…] leads us to our true nature. She shakes things up, stirs the pot, is the instigator and matrix of fateful odysseys and transformations. And if it manifests itself in our amazing tendencies, it is also the strange land of our restoration. »

Connected to the lunar eye by its magic mirror, its crystal ball and its circular cauldron, the emblem of the witch takes us back to the feminine principle. Whether it is to recall the nest in her womb, the full moon of her belly swollen with life or by her menstrual cycle which breathes in harmony with the lunations, they are all one. They have a mystical connection with nature. They feel, perceive and create life. Their body is the cradle of every human being on earth. This innate knowledge that every woman carries within her should not frighten, on the contrary, but reassure that as long as women are, life will be able to rest within them and be lulled by its maternal waves. 

This greatness of soul is ours, to all human beings. It is by uniting that the feminine principle and the masculine principle will find all the beauty of their power.

Today I call on you, beautiful witch. Let your intuition guide you on the path of life. Celebrate the wild woman in you for its true worth. Roar your pleasure as much as your anger, without embarrassment and without shame. Let's speak our truth, together. Let us free ourselves from this fear, so distant, but still so present, of perishing at the stake. 

 Tu es valide, tu es créatrice, tu es puissante et ta plus grande force réside à l’intérieur de toi. Ne l’oublie jamais!

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