Vulvette Underground


Founded by Valérie Auclair and Gaétan Fontaine

Vulvette Underground was created in 2018. This artistic collaboration was born from the feminist flame of Valérie and her research on the vulva and its taboos and from Gaétan’s passion for urban photography and his view on today’s social injustices. Claiming everyone’s right to feel free to dispose of their body the way they want, Vulvette Underground is a hymn to freedom; freedom to be.


Since their association, they clandestinely upholstered colored vulvas made from vulva castings in the street to open the discussion on this still misunderstood part of the body.

The duo criticizes the false representation of vulvas in the media: when we realize that it is almost only possible to see vulvas through porn, it is obvious that it does not represent the reality Vulvette Underground says.
Their mission is to celebrate the beauty of the diversity of all vulvas and to normalize differences. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident with their body.

Bachelor from the University of Concordia in Montreal in Studio arts who studied for one year in France at L’École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nantes Métropole, Valérie works on the vulva archetype and its representation in art since 2013. Regarding Gaétan, his photographs from his countless trips around the world had him published in many magazines, such as L’Actualité, McLean, La Presse, Géo Plein Air and also at the Musé de la civilisation in Montreal.

Vulvette Underground is active mostly in Montreal, but also traveled around and affixed vulvas in the Eastern Townships in Quebec, in British-Columbia, in the United States, in Hawaï and in Mexico.

Valérie Auclair &
Gaétan Fontaine


Artists //

Vulvette Underground

Our mission is to celebrate the beauty of vulvar diversity and normalize differences. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their body!