Vulvette Underground

Vulvette Underground

Our mission = Democratize Celebrate detabooize Desexualize the vulva.

“Vulvette Underground offers you a powerful experience of regaining power over the representation of your body and opening up to the beauty of YOUR femininity.”

About us

Vulvette Underground is formed by two artists who aim to democratize the vulva. Their name was inspired by the avant-garde rock band The Velvet Underground. Like them, Valérie and Gaétan challenge the limits of what is known.

“The vulva is the region of women’s body that is still the most taboo. […] It is an invitation for women to take back the power of representation of their image and sexuality.”

To spread their message and be heard, Vulvette Uunderground uses street art, photography, sculpture and vulva casting workshops.

Discussions podcasts avec Valérie de Vulvette Underground


Media Release #1

Reportage vidéo dans la série Hors piste: la culture insoumise, qui brosse le portrait de 12 âmes frondeuses en culture au Québec.

Nos sexualités

Media Release #2

Vulvette Underground contribue à l’éducation sexuelle au niveau collégial et universitaire au Canada.

24 Heures

Media Release #3

Presentation of Vulvette Underground and its artworks in Montreal.

Vulvette argent extérieur

Street Art XXS

Media Release #4

50 artists mastering small format… of which Vulvette Underground is part of!

2 Hommes en or

Media Release #5

Interview with Rosalie Bonenfant to talk vulva and present Vulvette Underground’s mission.

Présentation de l'entrevue de Valérie à Deux hommes en or


Media Release #5

Valérie Auclair de Vulvette Underground


Media Release #6

Photo-reportage putting forward the artistic demarche of Vulvette Underground.

Mascavulve blanc porté extérieur

Vulvette Underground at the first edition of Festivulve in Montreal

Media Release #7

La Presse article presenting 8 organizations exhibiting at the Festivulve, of which Vulvette Underground.

Trois femmes costumées festivulve 2018


Parution médiatique #8


Get yourself a Vulvette Underground artwork!

Casting workshop

Live a unique experience of regaining power over YOUR femininity and participate in one of our vulva molding workshops.

News and articles

Vulvette Underground’s mission is to deconstruct the taboos around the vulva and to share information so that everyone can love and embrace their body more. Education opens up the mind.

Vous voyez présentement tous les articles. D'autres suivront sous peu, ne vous inquiétez pas!
Vous voyez présentement tous les articles. D'autres suivront sous peu, ne vous inquiétez pas!