Do our taboos really belong to us?

Mascavulve blanc porté extérieur

Why do vulvas react so much? What is it inside of us that makes us so uncomfortable that we feel the need to reject, smear, or even condemn that part of the body? This is a question that I asked myself for a long time and that I still ask myself.

I would like to invite people, through Vulvette Underground, to stop for a moment and observe their reaction to our artistic approach. How do you feel when you see a vulva? Is it uncomfortable, disturbing, vulgar? What does it awaken in us?

It is by taking a moment of introspection that we can question ourselves honestly; Is my opinion on the subject really mine? Is the idea that I have of the vulva really the one that I built myself by thinking about it for myself or does it rather come from a construct that was passed on to me from childhood by my family, cultural, social, religious, etc. ?

Finally, after reflection, if we realize that our judgment does not really belong to us and that we have assimilated mores outside of us, we can then choose to divest ourselves of it. Especially if they hurt us more than they do us good!

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